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Chimney Systems

SIG TI Manufacturing is a leading supplier for thermal insulation inside chimney systems. We offer a complete range of precisely customized insulation for all types of chimney systems...

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SIG TI Manufacturing is a leading producer of HVAC products. We offer a wide range of certified HVAC insulation products...

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Machinery and Plant Engineering

A wide range of machinery and plant engineering contains insulation products for various applications. Our specialized insulation products are used for heat and fire protection...

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High Temperature Insulation

SIG TI Manufacturing offers insulation specialized for high temperature insulation. Our high quality products provide heat resistant and thermal insulation for extreme temperatures....

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SIG Technical Insulation Manufacturing

Customized thermal and acoustic insulation solutions

SIG Technical Insulation Manufacturing is a leading expert in customized insulation products for a multitude of businesses.

We service a variety of industries and applications including chimney systems, machinery and plant engineering, transport equipment railways & marine, domestic appliances, high temperature, automotive, doors, building insulation, fire places and HVAC.

We supply customized insulation solutions, adapted to the requirements of our customers. Our high quality products provide thermal, acoustic and vibration insulation. The specialized products implement fire protection and high temperature resistance.

SIG TI Manufacturing provides its customers a broad field of specialized expertise. We offer the right technical solutions for your business.

SIG TI Manufacturing’s ongoing investments in infrastructure and resources ensure that we continue to be at the forefront of product innovation, specialist technical expertise and customer service, maintaining our market leading position.

As part of the European materials group, SIG plc, our network of companies is strategically situated throughout Europe.

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SIG OEM is one of the leading specialist supplier in the OEM industry for insulation and part of the multi-national group SIG Plc.